Local February 8, 2023 | 8:12 am

Cuban arrested for scamming several businesses posing as a Major League Baseball player

Police agents, in coordination with the Public Ministry, arrested an undocumented Cuban who has at least three complaints against him, accused of scamming a total of 376,128 pesos from different commercial establishments located in the Central Polígono of the National District, in which he presented himself as a Major League Baseball player. Under this identity theft and using credit cards without funds, he managed to consume different products and services, indicates a note from the National Police. Alejandro David Hernández Castro, 22, was arrested on Avenida 27 de Febrero at the corner of Abraham Lincoln, in the National District, at the time of requesting identity documents that he did not possess. The police agents acted in coordination with the prosecutor Alcedo Magarín, interim head of the Ensanche Naco Prosecutor’s Office.

“During the purification process, the acting agents realized that Hernández Castro has two presumably false passports, which he did not use to leave Cuba because he arrived in the Republic of Haiti by sea, on an unspecified date he managed to enter the Dominican Republic”, says the police note. In addition, three complainants, upon learning that the foreigner was detained in the Naco expansion detachment, presented themselves as owners of commercial establishments who had filed a complaint against him. They explained, “that he pretended to be a Major League Baseball player and that, to cause a greater impact, he accompanied several men and women to entertainment establishments and consumed until everyone’s cravings were satisfied.”

They said that the alleged fraudster paid with a card from a US financial institution that apparently “the digital verifone approves the consumption, but the money never falls into the account of the commercial establishment.” The Department of Investigation of Crimes and High Technology Crimes (Dicat) investigates this type of fraud. The detainee is under the control of the Fiscal Office of the National District of the Naco expansion, for the corresponding legal purposes.

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