Local February 15, 2023 | 3:01 pm

Interpol captures in Argentina two men accused of killing another in Barahona

The South Regional Directorate of the National Police reported today that two men wanted for the death of another person in the municipal district of Villa Central, Barahona province, in October 2021, were apprehended in the Republic of Argentina.  Interpol agents captured Maicol Luis Santana Canario, 24, and Johan Manuel Feliz Olivero, aka Priqui, Julio’s son, 28, in South American territory.

Both were wanted for the murder of Emelyn Samuel Sufran Reyes, a young man who died from gunshot wounds in various parts of his body, according to judicial order No. 589-01-2021-AJ-03029. On 10-10-2021, the aforementioned event occurred on the tenth street of the aforementioned municipal district. The investigations conducted by the Dominican police revealed that, after committing the criminal act, the two men fled to Argentina; however, Interpol, upon learning of the case, managed to capture them through intelligence work in the afternoon hours of last Tuesday, February 14th.

The two detained individuals will be returned to the Dominican Republic to face justice through the Public Ministry.

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