Local February 17, 2023 | 8:01 am

Bill on violence against women would avoid deporting illegals

The draft “Comprehensive Organic Law on Prevention, Care, Persecution, Punishment, and Reparation for the Eradication of Violence Against Women” would prevent illegal immigrants and their families from being deported if they were victims of this type of practice. The piece, submitted by the Executive Branch, would provide procedural guarantees to women victims of violence, regardless of immigration status, such as comprehensive protection and assistance. Article 77 states that women who are victims of violence will be provided with procedural safeguards in addition to those offered by the national and international legal systems.

Access to justice would also be guaranteed, as would free and specialized sponsorship on Dominican territory. The initiative states in article 4, on rights holders, and in paragraph 8, paragraph II of article 7, equality and non-discrimination, that women victims of violence must receive attention regardless of their status. Senator Dionis Sánchez warned that the piece would harm the sovereignty and that the Executive Branch should withdraw or amend it. He blamed the alleged error on government improvisation, claiming that initiatives from the Executive Branch are “very poorly prepared” and “clash” with the Constitution.

He mentioned illegal Haitian immigrants and stated that he believes the authorities are giving in to international pressure. Diario Libre attempted to obtain government responses through the Executive Power’s Legal Consultant, Antoliano Peralta, and the Minister for Women, Mayra Jiménez, but it was not possible until the end of this edition.

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Paul Tierney
February 17, 2023 8:56 am

Just wondering how many ethnocentric Dominicans are going to pick up on this bill and start tongue-lashing the executive branch for even considering this draft? It is more fodder for opposing parties to feed upon.

What the executive branch should be doing is putting the bite on government officials, military, and police authorities for not doing their law enforcement tasks at full capacity or are corrupted. That is how the violence is stopped.