Local February 21, 2023 | 9:30 am

The Dominican Republic now has its Defense White Paper

The Government presented on Monday night the White Paper on the Defense of the Dominican Republic, a guide that shows the strategies of the States in matters of national security, as well as the promotion of democracy and collaboration between nations. In this way, the Dominican Republic joins 17 Latin American countries and 178 in the world that have a Defense White Paper. The book was delivered by the Minister of Defense, Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, to President Luis Abinader, during an act held at the National Palace, attended by different personalities, such as ministers, ambassadors, businessmen, diplomats, and politicians, among others.

For its preparation, a commission headed by Army colonel, Justo del Orbe Peña, worked for nine months, in which specialists from various sectors and international experts were consulted, and thus they addressed the document that raises 11 thematic axes:

Historical review of the Dominican Republic

The strategic environment

International relations and defense

Defines the national security and defense policy

Describes the national security and defense system

Learn about defense planning

Identify Defense resources

It presents the processes in which the Permanent Commission for the Reform and Modernization of the Armed Forces has intervened

Recognizes the contributions of the FF. AA. to national development

The border regime stands out

It deals with Risk Management and the Armed Forces

The Book has a description and analysis of the strategic environment that places the Dominican Republic on the world stage; addresses the international context in which defense policy is defined, its links with international relations, and explains the conception of national defense as State policy.


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