Health February 22, 2023 | 8:01 am

Cholera continues its expansive process and reaches the Villa Francisca sector

Residents in the Villa Francisca and Ensanche Luperón sectors, National District, requested greater intervention from the authorities to eliminate improvised landfills and stagnant water in the curbs, after the report of six new cases of cholera, bringing the total to 77 infected in the last months. S.M.L., who supports himself by selling bottles of water and soft drinks in the vicinity of Parque Enriquillo, assured that since last Friday the 17th he has suffered constant diarrhea, although he has not undergone laboratory tests to identify its origin. His neighbors, a family of three made up of a grandfather, his daughter, and his adolescent grandson were on their way to the Félix María Goico Hospital at the time for the same reason: acute diarrhea for several days.

In Villa Francisca, they receive two types of water in the pipeline, one fresh and the other brackish. “Today fresh water came to the tap,” said the lady. Upon noticing the presence of reporters in the area, Ana, another community member, commented that some people do not have bathrooms in their homes, and they throw fecal matter and garbage out into the open, contaminating the environment. The fetid smell corroborated the affirmations of the young mother, who asserted that she could not open the windows to ventilate her home.

A few meters away was Cirilo, a vendor of yaniqueques and boiled eggs, who assured that he had adopted very hygienic-sanitary measures, although “sales are not very good.” “Very clean hands,” he said as he showed them as a sign that they were clean. “Look at the showcase, not a fly gets in there,” he added.


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