Local February 22, 2023 | 10:01 am

McCain Award given to Dominican man

The Dominican Marino Auffant, obtained the McCain prize for his doctoral thesis from the University of Munich, for conducting research on the energy crisis in the 70s. Auffant’s research includes US relations with Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Venezuela, during the crisis of the first oil shock of 1973 to 1974 and its global consequences.

During an interview via Zoom on the Despierta con CDN program, the Dominican researcher explains that the University of Munich, for the last five years, offers a prize to the person who has written a thesis on issues related to transatlantic relations, in particular United States relations with Europe, from the field of security, politics, and diplomacy, as well as nuclear, economic and social issues.

He stressed that the evaluating jury considered that his research work deserved the award because of many of the issues that it dealt with during the crisis of the 70s. He added that the responses to those problems from 50 years ago, caused the crises with which the world is currently dealing with aspects such as nuclear proliferation, economics, and energy.

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