Local February 24, 2023 | 5:01 pm

Arrested two for electronic crime; one of them faces charges for downloading child porn material

Agents of the National Police arrested a man and a woman separately, the first for downloading child porn electronically, and the second for receiving 350,000 pesos as a product of extortion via social networks. The detainee is Félix Arturo Peguero Mejía, who was captured on Enma Balaguer street, in the Los Guarícanos sector, in Santo Domingo Norte, by members of the DICAT Operations Division.

Peguero Mejía had against him arrest warrant No.973-2021-EMES-8448, issued by the coordinating judge of the Investigating Courts of the Santo Domingo Judicial District, after having determined that he was using file sharing programs ( P2P) downloaded child porn. While, in another incident, Cindy Loranny Sánchez Polanco was arrested on Bartolomé Colón avenue, in Santiago de los Caballeros, for receiving the sum of 350,000 pesos in her bank account as a result of extortion against a citizen, who was threatened with making public images of intimate content if he did not deposit the sum of 1,495,000 pesos.

The two people arrested were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry, for the corresponding legal purposes.

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