Local March 3, 2023 | 9:01 am

Police kill two alleged rustlers on the Higüey farm

Two men were shot to death in an event that occurred on a farm in Higüey, La Altagracia province. One of the dead was only identified as Rafael, while the other was not identified and is believed to be a Haitian national. One of the victims has five gunshot wounds and the other one shot.

The preliminary report indicates that they were surprised inside a farm in the community of Los Morales de Higüey, with a dismembered cow. It explains that the subjects would have confronted a police patrol with a revolver and a knife, whose agents shot at them, causing their deaths.

The event occured at a time when farmers are reporting a wave of animal thefts on their farms. So far this year, more than 50 cattle have been stolen in the province of La Altagracia.

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Paul Tierney
March 3, 2023 9:29 am

These criminals were caught red-handed. However, this incident speaks loudly of unrestrained police using excessive mortal force to thwart the butchering of stolen cattle, “five wounds” in one of the dead criminals. The Director General of the National Police, Eduardo Alberto Then, may have stated he going to rid the police of its “terror teams”, but the killing of the rustlers speaks different from what his mouth says.

The police have a right to defend themselves. However, are they taught to try to defuse a situation, before making use of firearms? Doubtful !!!!

March 3, 2023 6:13 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

If the report is accurate, the men threatened the police with weapons. The police had every right to defend themselves. Being soft on criminals never works and should not be encouraged. The united states has increasing levels of violent crimes because their current government is soft on crime and the criminals are taking advantage of their weakness.

March 4, 2023 8:32 am
Reply to  Edward

In the US we are suffering through the worst administration in my lifetime. The morons are turning criminals in to idols and victims. Pedophiles and sick individuals are creating genders and force feeding it to children. Sick and greedy physicians are ruining the lives of innocent and young children. It is a disgusting period in USA History. The end result will be good men will be forced to do bad things if something doesnt change very soon.

Jean de Langeron
March 4, 2023 8:47 am

One of the was a Haitian national … One of them?!? How about one million Haitians in the province of La Altagracia only?!? And the cows are not only the animals that they are stealing, there are chicken, goats, even cats. Soon it will be humans. They destroyed their Haiti by killing all the whites and mulattos during their revolution, wasted all the goods that were there, created complete caos and disaster, and now they are coming in masses to Dominican Republic bringing it all with them. It is a horrible threat to the national security of the Dominican Republic and it’s people.

Paul Tierney
March 5, 2023 9:04 am

Do not know where in heck you arrived at a figure of 1 million Haitians in La Altagracia. The province did have a mixed *population more than 372,000 as of 2014 per the national census.. The annual *population growth of about 5.1% would bring the total population to 580,000 as of this year.

The Dominican government not guarding the border with due diligence is the real threat to the national security. The border trafficking mafias infiltrating the military is one of many reasons for illegal Haitians entering the RD.

  • The government has not provided the population statistics for the province in the most recent survey of 2022.