Local March 6, 2023 | 11:39 am

Man chains himself in front of the Attorney General’s Office

A man chained himself in front of the Attorney General’s Office, asking for the intervention of the attorney Miriam Germán, for alleged persecution against him. Ángel David Pimentel on September 30 was evicted from a mechanical workshop, located on Los Beisbolistas avenue, Manoguayabo (in front of the National Police special operations camp), accused of trespassing. On January 13 of this year, he was arrested, then the coercion measures were changed to periodic presentation and he accused the prosecutor Francisco Javier Méndez of creating a persecution against him.

“Now I am appealing the non-invader sentence because the IAD titled me in 2004, and I’m being persecuted, the Police are after me, and every so often the Dicrim raids the workshop,” said Pimentel. He says that he has been with the “Automecanica David” workshop for 20 years and that he has documentation from the IAD Dominican Agricultural Institute, which guarantees his rights as the property owner, however, even with this, he was evicted from the place.

“I hope Miriam German takes the case and assists me, I can’t continue with this, I don’t know what they’re plotting against me,” he said. Pimentel has five children and his wife is pregnant, he assures that the situation is greatly affecting him and his family.

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