Local March 7, 2023 | 2:58 pm

Directors of the Unión Panamericana High School meet due to a sexual video recorded inside the campus

The directors of the Unión Panamericana High School met to discuss a video circulating on social networks where students allegedly have sexual relations inside the educational establishment. The information was released by one of the center’s teachers, who decided to protect his identity. The scandal that surrounds the high school comes from more than three videos that were recorded on the school grounds, as confirmed by the director of Regional 15 of Education, Rafael Figaris Amador, who also stated that the case is being investigated by the National Children’s and Adolescents District Prosecutor’s Office.

He explained that Evangelista Batista, director of the Unión Panamericana technical high school, and Raysa Pineda Reyes, director of the Unión Panamericana school, were reprimanded in writing, after being accused of “negligence, lack of management, and failure to ensure the safety of the students.”.

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Paul Tierney
March 7, 2023 4:26 pm

Shameful activities!

The school is in Santo Domingo, Ensanche Miraflores barrio, just north of Av 27 and east of Maximo Gomez.