Health March 8, 2023 | 2:36 pm

Cholera hospitalizations drop to zero

The health authorities indicated this Wednesday that hospital occupancy for cholera is at zero after the three suspected patients receiving care were discharged. They were two adults who were admitted to the Félix María Goico Hospital and a pediatrician who received medical care at the San Lorenzo de Los Mina Maternity Hospital.

The information was offered by the director of Risks and Disasters of the Ministry of Public Health, Gina Estrella. Estrella indicated that there are no new reports of patients infected with this bacterial disease, with the total number of cases detected since the beginning of the outbreak in October 2022 remaining at 91.

The director of Immunopreventable by Vaccines, Luchy Vargas, said that a total of 36,784 people have already been vaccinated against cholera in the country.

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