Local March 8, 2023 | 2:33 pm

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Senate approves including teleworking as a modality in the Dominican Republic

The Senate approved the first reading of the bill that seeks to include teleworking as a labor modality in the Dominican Republic. This project would modify Law 16-92, of May 29, 1992, which approves the Labor Code. The initiative, which was presented by senators Yván Lorenzo and Santiago José Zorrilla, aims to regulate everything related to remote work or teleworking in the country and would be applicable throughout the national territory. If remote work is not part of the initial job description, the decision to go to work would be reversible, by agreement between the parties. This reversibility would imply a return to work at company premises at the request of the worker or employer. The modalities of this reversibility will be established by agreement between the parties.

In article 7 of the project, it is established that it will be responsible for taking the necessary measures to guarantee that the transmission of the data and reports used and produced by the remote worker has adequate levels of security. The employer must respect the private life of the remote worker. In the event that remote work is carried out at the worker’s home, visits to the workplace must be limited to monitoring the work activity and the respective equipment.

Among other points to highlight, remote workers will have the same rights as people who carry out work on the company’s premises, with traditional methods and measures.

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Alfredo Acosta
March 9, 2023 2:17 pm

I guess this means that internet services will be a lot faster than the 200mb now being offered as a top speed…

Supongo que esto significa que los servicios de Internet serán mucho más rápidos que los 200 mb que ahora se ofrecen como velocidad máxima…

March 10, 2023 7:39 am

Some call centers have been doing this already for a few years…government behind the times…