Local March 10, 2023 | 1:33 pm

PRM denies purchase of mayors from opposition parties

Faced with the accusation against the government of the alleged purchase of opposition leaders, the Secretary of Municipal Affairs and Undersecretary General of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Kelvin Cruz, maintained that this organization “has not incurred and will not incur in improper or unethical acts to attract new followers”. The complaint against the government and the PRM was made by the opposition parties of the People’s Force (FP), the Dominican Revolutionary (PRD), and the Dominican Liberation (PLD), which requested this Thursday from the Attorney General of the Republic an investigation into the use of public funds by officials to allegedly buy mayors, district directors, and other municipal authorities.

Kelvin Cruz, who is also mayor of La Vega, stated that “the party (PRM) is not going to close the doors to those people or political leaders of good value who want to embrace the cause of the PRM.” Through a statement, he maintained that in recent days the Dominican Municipal League released the details of how the funds provided by Abinader were distributed, demonstrating with the facts that all mayors and district directors in the country have benefited.

Cruz also summoned the leader of the People’s Force, Roberto Rosario Márquez, to show evidence of alleged purchases by mayors.

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