Local March 17, 2023 | 4:33 pm

Mayor delivers check for RD$108 million for construction of sidewalks and curbs

The mayor of the Santo Domingo Oeste municipality, José Andujar, presented a check for RD$108 million and delivered the funds to continue the program that the mayor’s office has been developing in the municipality to build sidewalks and curbs in the neighborhoods that make up the Engombe Palace.

Andújar also assured that this program has all the support and backing of President Luis Abinader, who closely follows each one of the budgetary executions of this administration.

Since the beginning of the administration of Mayor José Andújar, his main objective is to work for the beautification of each neighborhood and sector of the municipality, in this sense he is developing with the support of the president a plan for the construction of sidewalks and curbs in the town.

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