Local March 27, 2023 | 2:43 pm

Hearing set for employees of the Santiago Prosecutor’s Office, alleged falsifiers of judicial documents

The Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services has scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, the consideration of a request for a coercive measure against employees of the prosecutor’s office connected to a network that falsified judicial documents. The Attorney General’s Office alleges that the network engaged in the forgery of documents, including a sentence and bail contract, to secure the release of accused persons, collecting large sums of money in the process. The accused face charges of criminal association, falsification of public and private documents, and the use of false documents, all to the detriment of the Dominican State.

The request for coercive measures indicates that Jonathan Francisco Vásquez Ventura, who is in preventive detention for Operation Discovery, and his father, Francisco Vásquez Pichardo, were both involved in the criminal network. Francisco de Jesús Comprés Rodríguez, a seller of judicial bonds, Ariel Antonio Bencosme Reyes, a supervisor of the Central Archive of the Judiciary, and Eddy Alberto Franco, a Judiciary messenger, are also accused of active participation in the network.

The fraudulent activity was detected through the electronic signature system of the Judiciary, which revealed that the QR code on the documents corresponded to a different resolution.



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Paul Tierney
March 28, 2023 7:51 am

Allegedly forging and falsifying documents not only at the takes place at this office. It happens in many offices. Just pause for a moment and think why are there more land titles in the country than there is land?