Local March 27, 2023 | 7:55 am

Ibero-America aligns itself with the Dominican Republic: “Without pacification there will be no solution in Haiti”

During the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit, the Paraguayan mission, Costa Rican president, and President Luis Abinader emphasized the importance of addressing the Haitian crisis. This demonstrates the region’s concern about the anarchy and food crisis prevalent in Haiti, and that the Dominican Republic is not alone in this issue. Spanish President Pedro Sánchez also pledged his support to Abinader, saying that Spain would support the escalation of the crisis at a multilateral level.

Abinader’s call to alleviate Haiti received the most attention. He stressed that pacification is the only way to address the situation in Haiti and that the international community cannot allow it to continue. He noted that the poor Haitians suffer, while the few rich live in Miami or the Dominican Republic.

After the plenary sessions, Abinader led a press conference where he outlined the composition of the Haitian peacekeeping force and emphasized the need to alleviate the country before returning to normalcy. Ibero-American Secretary General Andrés Allamanda agreed with Abinader’s position, saying that without pacification, all efforts toward reconstitution and normalization would be sterile.

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Paul Tierney
March 27, 2023 8:01 am

The only real pacification is with the intervention of foreign troops to bring order.