Local March 31, 2023 | 10:38 am

Protest at the UASD against dog poisoning

The Flavio Suero Student Front (FEFLAS) has issued a statement denouncing and condemning the poisoning of dogs on the University Campus of the UASD headquarters by unscrupulous individuals. The president of the youth organization, Stalin Martínez, blames the Rector, Mr. Editrudis Beltrán, and the University Council for not taking appropriate action to prevent these poisonings from continuing. As an academy, the UASD must be an example for society in behavior and compliance with Law 248-12. There have been 16 cases so far, and the intellectual and material authors of this extermination remain unknown. All the dogs have died under the same scheme, modus operandi, and schedule.

It is shameful that the UASD, which has a greyhound on its coat of arms, is allowing these acts to happen. According to tradition, when the mother of Santo Domingo de Guzmán carried him in her womb, she had a vision in which a dog appeared setting fire to the earth. When Santo Domingo founded the Order of Preachers, its members were called “Dominicanis,” which means “Dog of the Lord.” This is why the UASD’s statutes refer to this name.

Deymer Hidalgo, student delegate of the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, stated that it is counterproductive for the UASD, which teaches Veterinary Medicine and has a Clinical Teaching Hospital where ethical principles of medicine, conscience, and dignity are taught, to allow these acts to happen on its campus.

Viannolis Ogando clarified that all the dogs had been living on the UASD campus for years, and animalists and volunteers had been providing them with resources such as food, vaccinations, and sterilizations without any support from UASD authorities. Law 248-12 on Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership establishes that it is the responsibility of the State to safeguard the rights of animals and their equality before life and protect them against contempt, disrespect, neglect, carelessness, abandonment, mistreatment, and cruelty. It also states that every citizen must report to the authorities any mistreatment or cruelty to which a domestic or breeding animal is subjected.

Finally, Dr. Marylin Lois has addressed the Prosecutor’s Office on several occasions to respond to the complaints since the University authorities have not taken any action to clarify the cases. She expressed her concern for the recordings where the authors should appear and thanked friendly foundations that expressed solidarity in the protest, such as Padela, Fundación Nefertiti, Quisqueya En Desarrollo, Fundación Patitas Solidarias, among others.

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