Local April 8, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Beware! Thieves vacation and work during Easter Week

Santo Domingo, D.R.
Many people are concerned about leaving their homes insured when they go on vacation during these days of rest that Easter gives us, without thinking that just as they planned to spend a few days of enjoyment, criminals also made their plans, with the advantage that they remain active in their activities from anywhere.

Beware of careless people. In beaches, rivers, resorts, and parks, there are always criminals waiting for an opportunity to hit you and take care of your valuable personal belongings, such as money, cards, cell phones, identity documents, jewelry, brand name items, etc.

Crowds are as bad as secluded places. Avoid being in the “molote;” many criminals take advantage of this situation to “fish in troubled waters;” it is easy to get confused in the crowd and also to slip away without being seen. Do not place yourself in lonely and secluded places where you can be a victim of assault or robbery.

Observe and watch without prejudice. We often think of criminals as people with tattoos, mulattoes, or blacks, preferably men or women with an unkempt appearance. We never imagined that a well-dressed, white, blonde, rich-looking man or woman could be watching us to rob or swindle us. However, many criminals take advantage of their good looks to do their misdeeds: do not trust them.

Beware of “good people.” Many times the delinquent takes advantage of moments when we need help, either because we are with children or carrying a lot of packages, and here is the opportunity to approach to offer service that can be expensive, be careful.

Electronic scams. Take precautions when making payments with credit cards. You can be a victim of cloning; when paying in any establishment, do not lose sight of it, especially if it is in a fuel station. Also, if your card disappears, report it immediately to your bank. It is cheaper to pay for a duplicate than for criminals to get away with it.

To enjoy these days without any problems, the best thing to do is to keep walking to a minimum or the minimum distance necessary since we never know when we will be a victim of crime.

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