Health April 8, 2023 | 7:00 am

Valdesia Regional Health Service investigates reasons for death of one-year-old girl after injection

Santo Domingo, DR.
A one-year-old girl died after she was given an injection in a health center located in the Canastica sector in the province of San Cristobal.

The infant was taken by her relatives to the First Level Care Center Canastica (CPN) last Tuesday, where she was medicated, and after her health situation worsened, referred to the Robert Read Cabral Children’s Hospital, where she died last Wednesday.

The director of the Regional Health Service of Valdesia (SRSV), Marcelino Fulgencio, reported that they are carrying out the necessary investigations to determine the reasons for the death of the infant.

Fulgencio regretted the death of the infant and explained that she was taken to the CPN by her mother and an aunt, with an indication of medication from another health center, so the nursing staff first proceeded to perform a subdermal test on the compatibility of medications, to determine if the girl was allergic to it.

According to the doctor, the test was negative, so the medication was applied.

According to a press release, the girl’s relatives handed over the prescription indicating the medication Diamine 633, prescribed by a pediatrician, which after being applied, the minor began to present difficulty in breathing, weak pulse, and cyanotic.

“According to what could be observed, it was an anaphylaxis,” said Fulgencio.

The head of the SRS Valdesia said that they immediately applied first aid and proceeded to transfer her to the Juan Pablo Pina Regional Hospital, where she was stabilized and later referred to the Robert Read Cabral Children’s Hospital because she required immediate admission to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Last Wednesday, the girl died at the said health center.

Dr. Marcelino Fulgencio reiterated his condolences to the family, with whom he has been in communication, and affirmed that they would continue to investigate the incident in order to apply the corresponding measures if necessary.

Finally, he said that the person who provided care to the minor always remained at the health center.

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