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Neighborhoods breathe tranquility at Easter 2023

Residents sharing in Semana Snata 2023

Santo Domingo DR
The residents of sectors such as La Caleta, Los Tres Ojos, and Mejoramiento Social enjoy the Holy Week holiday with their decorated streets, plastic swimming pools, and making food together.

In a tour carried out by Listín Diario, a calm atmosphere was perceived in some of the more crowded sectors of Greater Santo Domingo.

While the minors were having fun, the adults monitored their children sitting in some corner of the grocery store with a beer in their hands. On the other hand, others chose to play dominoes with the peculiar revanchist vociferations typical of the game next to the artificial pools.

As for the women, some of them were seen making pots of beans with candy in the company of neighbors of the sector; others, although it is not very popular for the date, chose to cook a sancocho (a kind of stew).

Journalists of the newspaper had conversations with different residents of the areas referred to.

Heraldo López, a 34-year-old electrician, said that every Holy Week, he takes advantage of the occasion to “take a break” and forget about the problems.

“It is true that many things happen during these days, but imagine one cannot stay immobilized for fear of dying. And even less on the days when you are free from work; you have to take advantage of it,” said Lopez.

However, Miledys Payano, 28 years old, assured that she would dedicate her time to reflection.

“The people of this country are indolent; they believe that this week the world will end. That’s why you see every holy week with 20, 30 and even 40 deaths, and I think those estimates still fall short. Therefore, I will stay calm in my house with my two children,” said the citizen.

Some people took advantage of the journalistic scenario to complain about the restrictions of not using plastic pools, although they still used them.

“This is tradition that they let you put your children in your pool and that’s it,” said María Cabrera from the Mejoramiento Social sector.


The time of Lent or Holy Week is one of the primary Christian expressions and expressions of faith that citizens of different atmospheres and social strata keep.

In different parts of the world, the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth are commemorated. The same happens in the Dominican Republic, where culture and spirituality manifest.

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