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Dominicana Innova presents technological advances that are developed in the Dominican Republic

The Government Office of Information and Communication Technologies (Ogtic) is hosting the second edition of Dominicana Innova until April 28, 2023. The event aims to increase awareness among the public on innovation and technology-related topics. The opening ceremony on April 17 at the Ágora Mall shopping center will be led by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader. Félix Guzmán, the director of the Digital Innovation Department of Ogtic, and Rocío Sánchez, the Marketing Manager of Ágora Mall, emphasized the event’s objective of celebrating ideas and recognizing decision-makers and risks in the Dominican Republic.

Dominicana Innova’s events will include talks on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity. The event will also feature a hackathon that will connect technological innovations with the agriculture, land use, and water sector. The hackathon has the participation of 25 university students who have visited farms in Azua to obtain experiences that allow them to suggest solutions or innovations to the agricultural sector. Moreover, projects that are part of Innovatech of the National Institute for Professional Technical Training (Infotep) will be presented.

One of the most notable events of Dominicana Innova is the Drones Congress, which will take place from April 18 at the Palacio del Cine de Ágora Mall. Guzmán stressed that there are multiple uses for drones in the country, such as agro-precision agriculture. The Congress will also discuss the regulations behind the use of drones, their current use, and their potential.

Most of the events are open to the public, and the complete agenda is available on the website dominicanainnova.gob.do. The cybersecurity congress is an exception and requires registration due to the type of issues to be discussed. Dominicana Innova encourages co-creation between academia, the government, and private companies to foster innovation in the Dominican Republic.

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