Local April 17, 2023 | 8:30 am

Promotion of Anglo-Saxon and Roman-Germanic law through inter-institutional cooperation in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Bar Association in the United States (DBA) and the APEC University School of Law (UNAPEC) have signed an agreement to promote research and dissemination of Anglo-Saxon and Roman-Germanic law among national professionals and students. The agreement aims to develop training programs on various legal topics that include talks, courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, and other academic meetings. The DBA delegation that visited the country, consisting of Alexis Jesús Colón, Leslie Polanco-Linares, Valery Cury, and Stephany Rosario, attended the signing ceremony at the UNAPEC campus in the José María Bonetti Burgos APEC Hall of Culture. The signing of the agreement was followed by a discussion on the Association of Dominican Lawyers in the United States, the exercise of law by Dominican lawyers, and the process of being admitted before the United States courts, led by Leslie Polanco Linares, immigration law specialist, and president of the DBA Immigration Law Committee.

The president of the DBA, Jeffrey Saavedra, who led the delegation, stated that their objective is to cooperate for the strengthening of US law in the country and to open up opportunities for Dominican lawyers who wish to practice in the United States through approaches and exchanges of knowledge. Saavedra added that the DBA seeks to establish collaboration agreements with various entities, training activities, and other actions that contribute to the training of law students, lawyers, judges, and other officials in the judicial area.

The director of the UNAPEC Law School, Rosa Luisa Fernández Javier, explained that the agreement will allow the design of a continuing legal education program on issues of the Dominican and United States legal systems, which will strengthen the capacities of both the members of the association and the students of the UNAPEC Law School. The agreement will also identify virtual education platforms, carry out academic exchanges, internship programs, and donations of books, magazines, and collections.

The agreement between DBA and UNAPEC is a significant milestone in the promotion of legal education and collaboration between two important entities in the Dominican Republic and the United States. The exchange of knowledge and resources will help improve the capacities of legal professionals and students, promoting a better understanding of the legal systems in both countries. The agreement also opens doors for Dominican lawyers to practice in the United States, providing opportunities for career growth and professional development.

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April 20, 2023 6:32 am

And this my friends is how you give up your countries sovereignty!! Not by “illegal immigration” The pen mightier than the sword! DR is a different space! Hail to the victors. Psst. It wasn’t the Dominicans