Health April 30, 2023 | 8:51 am

Luis Abinader inaugurates health infrastructure and other works in Greater Santo Domingo

As part of his agenda, President Luis Abinader headed this Saturday the inauguration of the Ciudad Juan Bosch Diagnostic and Primary Care Center in the municipality of Santo Domingo Este.

The hospital building has an area of 748 square meters and has an imaging center, sonography, physiotherapy, laboratory, gynecology, internal medicine, dentistry, pediatrics and pharmacy, 6 general specialty clinics, among other services.

The president was accompanied by the vice-minister of construction of Mived Danny Santos and other representatives of the entity. Santos explained that the health care center had an investment of 121 million pesos in construction and equipment.

He highlighted that the construction of this project was stopped since 2018 (with only 20% of execution) and was resumed in this management to finish its materialization.

Vista aérea del Centro de Diagnóstico en Ciudad Juan Bosch

Aerial view of the Diagnostic Center in Ciudad Juan BoschMIVED.

He added that the residents of this housing complex “will no longer have to move to another place to receive a quality hospital service” and that “the Dominican government is committed to health, because you, our people, come first.”

On his departure, the first head of state was seen off by community members carrying banners with the phrase “four more.”

The sectors that will mainly benefit from the opening of this Health Center are Las Aguas, La Ureña, Jerusalén, Nuevo Amanecer, Residencial Las Américas, Ciudad Satélite II, Los Paredones, and Paraíso III.

The head of state, together with Mived, delivered around 7 kilometers of asphalted streets and 3.5 kilometers of sidewalks and curbs.

Other activities

Abinader also presided over the inauguration of the new emergency room of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, where he gave instructions for the remodeling of the burn unit of the hospital and the intensive care and pediatric area.

The burn unit will be put out to tender and would be ready between April and May 2024, said the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, who added that the areas currently being refurbished had been abandoned for a decade.

He detailed that the expansion and refurbishment carried out in the Emergency Room is valued at RD$76,523,581.80, which was completely equipped with an amount of RD$13,280,590.29.

In addition, he indicated that the readjustment of the spaces comprising the areas of the emergency office, suit with two cubicles, cure, plaster, nebulization with six stations, pharmacy, observation with 23 compartments (two isolated), waiting room, emergency area with 12 pieces, trauma shock with four cubicles and doctors and nurses station.

Emergencia del Hospital Infantil Robert Reid Cabral

Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital Emergency Department

The Robert Reid Cabral emergency room also saw the construction of a front gate, a new ambulance canopy, a perimeter sidewalk, asphalt tarpaulin, exterior painting, and the construction of a gas control booth.

He also inaugurated in Brisas del Este, Los Frailes, 7 kilometers of asphalted streets and 3.5 kilometers of sidewalks and sidewalk repair, construction of scuppers and speed bumps, and painting of streets in this community for a value of RD$220 million.

Luis Abinader saluda a estudiantes durante el acto

Luis Abinader greets the students during the event.

The last activity in this area was the delivery of the Basic School Tomas Taveras Educational Center (Mandinga) with a capacity of 980 students and built with an investment of more than RD03 million.

The Minister of Education, Angel Hernandez, spoke of the importance of artificial intelligence in education today and explained that the Ministry of Education would soon launch the Decennial Education Plan which should take into account the changes in technology.

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