Local May 1, 2023 | 10:02 am

“Window cleaner” assaults RNN cameraman in the head with a piece of a cinderblock

Cameraman Guary Cueva EXTERNAL SOURCE

A cameraman working for RNN and Telecentro was hit on the head this Sunday by a “window cleaner” on John F. Kennedy and Maximo Gomez avenues.

The photojournalist Guary Cuevas said that he was doing his job and was attacked with a block, for which he was taken to a health center where the wound was sutured. This incident occurred hours after the authorities reported that 22 “window cleaners” had been removed from the streets of the National District.

The aggression has provoked the reaction of different citizens who bring up other aggressions committed by these people on public roads.

In social networks, people criticize that there are always Digesett agents at that intersection and that no one could protect the cameraman.

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Paul Tierney
May 2, 2023 10:03 am

It is awful what happened to the reporter. I always have been warned about the limpiavidrios and other that swarm intersections, especially in Santo Domingo. Been told to smile and wave them off politely. Sometimes it works and other times no. Alway keep doors locked and windows up.

It is not unusual for any questionable behaviors at the intersections are being performed under the willful blind eyes of police authorities who will not dare spend their energy to stop the practices. Regrettably, it is up to the public to record these activities to include images of the police at the locations dodging their responsibilities. Send the recordings to the media, not police; informing date, time, and location.