Local May 2, 2023 | 9:07 am

Beyond the “teteo”: The true life in La 42 de Capotillo

Santo Domingo.- The Capotillo neighborhood’s Calle 42 has gained a reputation for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene, which is characterized by a unique artistic style that is embraced by many of its residents. However, this popular hotspot is also home to social problems and limitations, which are not always acknowledged by outsiders who are drawn to the area’s lively atmosphere.

While the street is known for its music, alcohol, exotic dances, and urban celebrities who occasionally film music videos there, some residents are critical of the behavior that takes place on Calle 42. One long-time resident expressed surprise that people from all over come to the area to engage in reckless behavior without regard for their surroundings or fellow residents.

Despite initial concerns about the large groups of people consuming alcohol and other substances, the residents themselves attest that criminal activity has significantly decreased in recent years. This trend is attributed in part to increased police surveillance in the area, with officers constantly monitoring the neighborhood for any signs of criminal activity.

Although Calle 42 is often associated with the teteo lifestyle and the sale of illicit goods, many of its residents are hard-working individuals who value their families and are committed to improving their community. However, they often feel overlooked or dismissed in favor of the street’s more visible attractions.

Whether time passes quickly or slowly on Calle 42 depends on how you choose to live it. For many residents, the constant activity and fast pace of life on the street are simply a way of life. Yet, for others, it can be a challenging environment that requires adaptability and resilience.


Source: Nayeli Reyes, Listin Diario

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