Local May 9, 2023 | 1:20 pm

Blackouts in Higüey were produced by criminal hands and sabotage, according to Edeeste

La Altagracia.- Authorities blame criminal hands and sabotage for recent blackouts in Higüey municipality, according to reports from the local government and Este Electricity Distribution Company (Edeeast). Criminals have been attacking the distribution of electricity service in the municipality since Friday, according to the provincial governor Martina Pepén Santana. Criminals have been pruning trees in the early hours of the morning to make illegal connections, resulting in an attack against the town and Edeeste.

Circuit three, made up of the San Martín, Matachalupe, Santa Clara, Luisa Perla, and Anamelia neighborhoods, are the sectors that have suffered the most from the situation with electricity since Friday. The situation has arisen due to the inappropriate intervention of unscrupulous people in the networks that feed these sectors.

The energy condition of the municipality has been deficient for many years, according to engineer Andrés Portes, general manager of Edeeste. They have raised two circuits from Higüey, one and four, and the repair cost of reconnecting those two circuits is around 1,270 million pesos. They continue to work with engineering to establish the cost and the real problem that exists in the Higüey energy system.

The heatwave and the high demand that Higüey is experiencing due to the stability of the service are causing breakdowns in transformers that have exceeded their capacity. Portes assured that they are giving maintenance that is allowing the stability of the electrical service, through the primary axes that the province has. The security agencies of the Dominican State are behind those who have caused this situation and have clues that will help identify them.

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