Local May 9, 2023 | 8:26 am

Education registers 1,154 pregnant students so far this school year; 112 have been victims of rape

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Education has recorded 1,154 pregnant students this school year, out of which 112 have been victims of rape, and 28 have resulted from incest. The Department of Guidance and Psychology of the Ministry reports that 3,414 students are in early unions, with 3,105 being mothers and 1,158 being fathers.

Additionally, 269 students have suffered from sexual harassment, while 283 students have used and spread pornographic material on school premises. The registry also shows 1,724 cases of violent acts involving physical, verbal, and psychological abuse between students and teachers, occurring inside or outside the educational center. These findings were released in a statement by the institution.

In other news, the Ministry of Education has prepared a Code of Ethics to regulate the relationship between teachers and administrative staff with pre-university education students. Effective from the next school year, the Code requires the interaction between school personnel and students to be strictly academic and educational. Any treatment that is not related to the integral development of the students is prohibited.

Additionally, the Code prohibits the use of social networks and any technological tool for purposes other than academic training by teachers and administrative staff. Teachers and administrative staff are not allowed to discuss personal issues with schoolchildren during recess unless specific intervention or accompaniment is required for the benefit of the student’s integral health.

The Code of Ethics also establishes some obligations for school personnel. It prohibits teachers from interacting individually with students when using digital tools for training purposes, and they must dress formally during virtual meetings. The School Police and security personnel must also maintain behavior consistent with the ethical guidelines governing educational centers.

The Code prohibits teachers and administrators from engaging in any violent action against students or using adjectives that incite discrimination. It also prohibits any type of harassment and bribery. Teachers and the school body are not allowed to use class hours or the educational center to develop political, religious, commercial, sexuality discourses, or discuss personal issues with students.

The Code of Ethics includes a Disciplinary Regime that ensures disciplinary offenses are judged based on objective and impartial criteria. The regime establishes oral reprimand as the first action before a complaint. If necessary, a written warning can be given, followed by a suspension of up to 30 days without pay. The suspension can be applied for suspicion of sexual abuse of a student or repeatedly failing to comply with the obligations imposed by the General Education Law, the Regulation of the Teacher Statute, the Public Function Law, and the Code of Ethics.

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May 9, 2023 9:11 am

This is a convoluted plan which seeks to address all the issues in one document. Schools are in crisis, families are in crisis, and society is in crisis. We need multiple approaches to remedy these situations.

Robert Kuhlmann
May 9, 2023 10:09 am

Are there any sex education programs taught, as part of the curriculum?

The Truth Hurts.
May 9, 2023 10:14 pm

The only sexual education is going on tik tok and watching videos of 10 year old putting condoms in a little gift box and handing them out to the girls they like. We are like Brazil, no morals. People think the kids in the us start having sex to soon. There heads would explode over here.