Local May 9, 2023 | 4:03 pm

Paliza receives recognition from the Dominican Association of Councilors

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Municipal League headquarters was the site for the granting of recognition to the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, by the Dominican Association of Councilors (ASODORE) on Tuesday. The president of the LMD, Víctor D’Aza, praised the support that MAPRE and President Luis Abinader have granted to all 158 municipalities and 235 municipal districts in order to meet the needs of their communities.

ASODORE’s president, Robert Árias, emphasized that the councilmen and councilors from across the country had come to acknowledge Minister Paliza’s contributions. He also noted that the minister had worked closely with many of their initiatives.

Minister Paliza expressed his appreciation for the work of councilors and councilmen, highlighting the importance of their contributions to their communities. He also emphasized that the Abinader government seeks to promote equity, transparency, and comprehensive development across the country, through the implementation of priority projects that address the specific needs of each community.

Among the other attendees of the event were Pedro Richardson, president of the Dominican Association of Municipal Districts, as well as important personalities such as councilors Indhira de Jesús, Eleazar Reynoso, Richard Gómez, Liz Mieses, Edgar Pichardo, Angelica López, Raysa Cruz, Emanuel Brito, and Frank Melo.

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