Local May 21, 2023 | 11:30 am

Gangs spread fear in Los Frailes

Image of East Street on Saturday, May 20.VÍCTOR RAMÍREZ

Residents of the streets Este, 12 de Julio, and Domingo Guzmán, belonging to the Los Frailes sector in Santo Domingo East, expressed their fears about the incidence of crime which is keeping them on their toes.

Some locals blame the increase in crime on the emergence of “gangs” or gangs known as “Los Trinitarios” and “Las Panteras,” which gather in the surrounding areas and carry out their “misdeeds.”

Fearful of identifying themselves or being filmed, members of the neighborhood said that the police are aware of who the criminals are and do nothing about it.

One of the community members indicated that they often arrest them and release them immediately, so she understands that the situation will not be eradicated.

Nelson Marmolejo, one of the residents of the area, said that crime was like in “other places,” but about a month ago, a few streets up, things intensified, first with an assault in which the victim was stabbed and then with the shooting death of the young Emely Vallejo, several days ago.

Likewise, a shopkeeper in the area expressed his insecurity due to the presence of criminal gangs and recent events, which keep him frightened in the sector.

He also specified that although “the police are doing their job” and patrolling the area, they are not “magicians” and therefore they are not able to solve the criminal situation.

He also called for awareness, since crime is a social problem that comes from the lack of education, said the owner of a shop in the area.

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Luis Grullon
May 21, 2023 1:48 pm

What the police department needs to do is flood the high crime areas with police, have them station in the streets, do 24 hours patrol make their presence felt. Same time target the groups doing the majority of the crime.
That’s what the NYPD used to do
Flood areas with rookies, target those criminals doing most of the crime.

May 21, 2023 8:58 pm

where laws are on the paper criminals and gangs have the ball …
We’re not New York city ,nor do we have knowledge ,ability and resources to do what they do …
I wish it can be done …
Still we can’t handle anything bigger that stopping people and extort them for money …
If this is not fixed soon it will be extremely difficult to stop it later