Local May 28, 2023 | 9:07 am

Environment and Defense coordinate efforts to guarantee conservation of Saladillo Lagoon

Santo Domingo. – The ministers of the Environment and Natural Resources and Defense, Miguel Ceara Hatton and Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, signed an agreement of understanding to apply solutions to guarantee the hydrological flow of the Saladillo Lagoon in the zones touched by the border surveillance fence.

The agreement includes a system of crossings that guarantees the maintenance of the water flow in this important wetland and, at the same time, facilitates military and environmental surveillance and monitoring movements.

It also contemplates the construction of a new protection and surveillance center on the margin of the Masacre River, which will house the park rangers, as well as members of the Ministry of Defense (MIDE) and the Specialized Border Security Corps (CESFRONT).

In the process of reviewing the agreement signed by the ministers, the Vice-Minister of Protected Areas and Biodiversity, Federico Franco, and the legal director, Ana Patricia Ossers, participated on behalf of the Ministry of Environment.

The Ministry of Defense was represented by the director of the J3 ERD of the MIDE, General Rafael Núñez Veloz; the legal advisor Ramona Díaz and General Luis Coronado, in charge of the Intelligent Perimeter Fence project.

The design of the agreement was in charge of Colonel Erick Reyes Medina, Director of Engineering of MIDE.

“This agreement of understanding guarantees the sustainability of the Laguna Saladillo Wildlife Reserve and becomes a tool to facilitate the protection and surveillance monitoring that border protected areas need so much,” said Vice Minister Federico Franco.

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