Local May 30, 2023 | 9:00 am

Education and Public Health work to solve the situation of Kogland children

Santo Domingo.- Efforts are being made by the Ministries of Education and Public Health, along with the Comprehensive Care Center for Disability (CAID), to address the situation faced by over eighty children who were receiving irregular care at the closed Neurocognitive Therapy Center (KOGLAND). President Luis Abinader instructed the coordination of a working group to find an immediate solution.

As a first step, parents of these children with special disabilities are requested to visit the Center for Attention to Diversity (CAD) of the Ministry of Education. This will allow for official registration, individual evaluations, and diagnoses for each child in the educational aspect. Subsequently, the children will be referred to CAID, where they will undergo psychological and therapeutic evaluations conducted by specialists to determine their specific needs.

Both CAD and CAID will directly undertake the clinical evaluations and necessary studies in accordance with institutional policies. They will provide reports with specific recommendations and requirements for each child in a short period of time.

The Ministry of Education will also ensure that children who are not enrolled in any educational center are placed in appropriate schools based on their residence and evaluation results. Children currently attending public schools or centers will remain in their current educational spaces, whether public or private.

Parents are urged to contact the Center for Attention to Diversity (CAD) at Regional 15 or reach out via phone or email for further guidance and assistance.

The working group consisted of representatives from the Ministries of Education and Public Health, including Dr. Clara Joa, Director of the Ministerial Cabinet, Billy Zarzuela, the General Directorate of Special Education, Henry Rosa, National Director of CAID, Yulisa de Peña, in charge of Development and Services at CAID, Juan Gerardo Mesa, Director of Enabling at MSP, Karla Thevenin, Legal Analyst, Luis Tolentino, Legal Director, Mario Matías, in charge of Litigation, and Carlos Suero, Director of Communications at the Ministry of Public Health.

The closure of the Neurocognitive Therapy Center (KOGLAND) was due to its lack of proper authorizations and licenses from both the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the Ministry of Education (MINERD).


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