Local July 13, 2023 | 9:23 am

Euromoney awards Banreservas as the Best Bank in the Dominican Republic in 2023

Santo Domingo.- Banco de Reservas has been recognized by prominent publications for its outstanding performance and achievements in the Dominican Republic’s banking sector. Euromoney, a specialized magazine, named Banco de Reservas as the Best Bank in the Dominican Republic for 2023. The award acknowledges the bank’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs while offering a remarkable range of financial products and services. Euromoney also commended the bank’s exceptional financial results, including asset profitability, income generation, and delinquency coverage.

In addition to the Euromoney award, World Finance, an esteemed international banking magazine, recognized Banreservas in five categories: Best Corporate Governance Bank, Best Investment Bank, Best Commercial Bank, Best Consumer Bank, and Best Private Bank in the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, Banreservas significantly improved its ranking in The Banker magazine’s “Top 1000 Best Banks in the World.” It secured the 770th position, a remarkable leap of 161 places from the previous year. This accomplishment places Banreservas as the number one most profitable bank in Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, and sixth worldwide. The bank also ranks first in terms of assets in the Dominican Republic and among the top three in Central America and the Caribbean.

Banreservas achieved top rankings in other categories as well. It secured a position in the top 10 for TIER 1 Capital in Central America and the Caribbean, with the 52nd highest increase in tier 1 capital globally (29.6%). The bank also ranks among the top 10 in Return on Assets (ROA) in Central America and the Caribbean and is one of the top four most profitable banks in the region. The Banker will provide further details in its upcoming July issue.

These recognitions highlight Banco de Reservas’ exceptional performance and solidify its position as a leading financial institution in the Dominican Republic and the wider region.

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