Local July 19, 2023 | 8:44 am

The reform of the Labor Code is currently at a standstill

Santo Domingo.- The proposed modifications to the Dominican Labor Code are currently stuck in a state of uncertainty, as revealed by José Luis León, the Vice President of the Autonomous Class-oriented Union Confederation (CASC). León highlighted that the labor advisory council has not convened for over seven months.

León expressed his disappointment, stating, “Unfortunately, the Labor Code process has been held up in a technical-legal commission, and although there seems to be a consensus within sight, the more challenging issues have been debated behind closed doors in the technical-legal commission and the advisory council, leaving us in the dark.”

León remains hopeful that the best possible consensus will eventually be reached. He believes that the reform of the Labor Code should not be solely entrusted to legislators due to concerns about their conduct within Congress. He remarked, “That’s where the man with the briefcase influences matters.”

According to the Vice President of the CASC, the technical-legal commission consists of the following members: Rafael Alburquerque, former Vice President of the Republic, representing the workers; a legal representative from the Ministry of Labor; and lawyer Martín Bretón, representing the employers. León expressed uncertainty regarding the commission’s recent activities, stating, “We are unaware if this technical-legal commission has been meeting. We only have a snapshot of the last consensus achieved, primarily concerning procedural matters.”

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