Local July 28, 2023 | 3:21 pm

Miguel Vargas warns about the danger of censorship and violation of press freedom

Santo Domingo.- Engineer Miguel Vargas Maldonado, the president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), has raised concerns over complaints from various national sectors regarding the deterioration of freedom of expression in the country due to pressure from the ruling party. He warned about a dangerous and unacceptable process of censorship and violation of freedom of the press and expression, especially amidst the worsening situation of public services in the country.

Vargas, the PRD presidential candidate, expressed that there have been daily reports of official intolerance towards government criticism and dissenting voices, leading to self-censorship or removal of such voices from the media. He emphasized that the PRD, known for restoring public liberties to the country since 1978, condemns these anti-democratic behaviors and cannot remain indifferent to the situation.

During the swearing-in ceremony of various candidates for elective office, who rejoined the PRD after leaving the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Vargas reiterated his party’s commitment to those returning members. He welcomed them back home and stated that the PRD will continue with ‘Operation Return.’

The swearing-in event was attended by members of the PRD National Directorate, including Peggy Cabral, Ramón Arnaldo Pimentel, Luis Ernesto Camilo, Janet Camilo, Héctor Guzmán, among others. The party is standing firm against repressive actions by the government, determined to safeguard the hard-earned democracy and freedom in the country.

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