Local July 28, 2023 | 9:13 am

Roger Pujols warns of risks of enrolling in public schools without the need for a birth certificate

Santo Domingo.- Roger Pujols, a candidate for deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), has expressed concerns about VSTP circular no. 620-2023 issued by the Ministry of Education, which orders the registration of all students, even if they do not have a birth certificate. He believes that this decision could have adverse effects on formalizing citizenship, public finances, and access to education for Dominican children.

Pujols emphasizes that while the state must guarantee access to public education for Dominican children, it is equally important to provide them with identity documents to comply with formalities required for future integration into society. Without birth certificates, they might face challenges in obtaining property titles, opening bank accounts, or registering vehicles in their names as adults.

He argues that the decision to remove the birth certificate requirement from the registration process does not address the migratory challenges the Dominican Republic faces. Instead, he suggests creating a strategic alliance between the Ministry of Education and the Central Electoral Board to form a working group that assists families and mothers in obtaining birth certificates for their children. This way, the children can be enrolled in schools once they have their birth certificates. For foreign children, he proposes integrating a representation of the General Directorate of Migration into the working group.

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