Local July 29, 2023 | 9:00 am

Relatives of Willeni Lorenzo Herrera are desperate

In front of her humble little blue house, the desperate lament of Nicaury Herrera echoes amid the expectant silence in the La Piña neighborhood of Madre Vieja, San Cristobal, since the disappearance of the girl Willeni Lorenzo Herrera, on July 20.

The agony grows with the passing of the hours, while the hopes of seeing the 11-year-old girl alive again seem to be crumbling. “This is worse than if she had been murdered because this uncertainty is killing us little by little. Not knowing if she is alive, what they did to her or where she is, doesn’t even let us sleep,” exclaims Clodomiro Herrera, her grandfather, with evident pain.

Willeni left her house around 8:00 a.m. that fateful Thursday morning to supposedly meet with Juan Alberto Sanchez (Bruly), who is close to the family. “He deleted the conversations, but there is a message where he tells her to leave the house, and she replies “ok,” and that is seen in the WhatsApp chat that the Police has,” says her progenitor.

“He would come, he ate here, he was given what he needed; it was like a family. That was a betrayal, but every day one learns more and more that in trust is where the danger lies,” Willeni’s grandfather Clodomiro, expresses with a cracked voice.

They deny the version that a supposed electronic device of Willeni’s had been found in the house raided by the authorities and affirm that there were no belongings of hers there.

Although the case has been handled with secrecy, family members indicate that a surveillance video shows when the girl arrives at a place a few blocks from her house, and moments later, Bruly shows up in his car. That is the last record of her whereabouts.

“The video that the authorities have is when the girl walks down the street from her house and he arrives and meets her, stops to talk and then drives off. There is a bush where they stop, you can’t see if they left,” said Nicaury.

While the authorities investigate, Willeni’s relatives are clamoring for the case not to go unpunished. They say that there are indications that incriminate the alleged perpetrator of the disappearance, who is being held in the detachment “La 17” of San Cristobal.

Coercion today
It will be today at 9:00 a.m. when the measure of coercion will be known to Sanchez, who was not arrested for this case but for another complaint filed by the relatives of a minor whom he allegedly sexually abused.

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