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Indoha in search of promoting aeronautical culture in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Institute of Aeronautical History (Indoha), established in 2015, has a specific mission to promote aeronautical culture in the Dominican Republic by focusing on the history of aviation, both military and civil. Its founder, Carlos Ortega, who is an expert in the field, shared the institute’s objectives and initiatives to promote this culture in the country.

Indoha’s main mission is to encourage and promote aeronautical activities, past and present, through research, publications, exhibitions, and other avenues that foster aeronautical culture. The institute has already published four editions of the Aviation Gazette magazine, containing research papers on aviation in general, the history of aeronautics in the Dominican Republic, and current aviation-related topics.

Despite its efforts since 2012, Indoha has faced challenges in receiving support from the State as a non-profit association. While they have received some backing from the Civil Aviation Institute and other institutions, it hasn’t been sufficient to fully achieve their objectives and desired impact. Indoha aims to become a complementary institution to the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation, filling the gap in promoting aeronautical history and culture.

Promoting aeronautical history education is a crucial aspect for Indoha, not only at the archive level but also for young people interested in the aeronautical world. They advocate for greater support from the State to enable these young individuals to pursue aeronautical studies, such as aeronautical administration or air traffic control, which can be financially demanding but hold immense potential for the country’s aviation sector.

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