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Abinader delivers more than 300 property titles in Montecristi

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader was received this Saturday amidst applause and hundreds of happy faces by the municipalities of Las Matas de Santa Cruz and Carbonera, banana, rice, and cattle-producing lands in the province of Montecristi.

To them, the president handed over their property titles, benefiting more than 300 families in Barrio el Bolsillo, Barrio Viejo, El Campamento, Barrio Lindo, El Tanque, and Barrio Nuevo.

“When you leave, your property will be worth much more than when you entered, you will be able to leave it to your descendants and live with peace of mind,” he said.

The cost assumed by the government for these families to enjoy a roof of their own was RD$ 35,600,000.00, with an individual cost of RD$ 80,000.00.

To continue to bring peace of mind to families throughout the country, Duarte Méndez, director of the Technical Executing Unit of Land Titling of the State, said that the titling processes have already begun in El Valle, Hato Mayor province and in the urban area of Pedernales.

New polytechnics and INFOTEP centers
The President then revealed that at his request, the Ministry of Education is evaluating the identification of between 300 and 400 schools that could function as polytechnics for the 2024-2025 school year, to achieve that all the important municipalities and large cities of the country have these centers.

These data were offered by the President when he gave the first groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of two polytechnics in Las Matas de Santa Cruz, with emphasis on agricultural production, and in Pepillo Salcedo, with emphasis on the industrial and logistics part.

Together they will have 52 classrooms, 10 laboratories, and an investment of RD$ 343,464,000.00.

Corrective maintenance is also being carried out in 68 educational centers with an investment of RD$ 204 million.

Similarly, the governor inaugurated INFOTEP workshops in Las Matas de Santa Cruz and Palo Verde, with 44 training actions by the needs of the area, responding positively to 18 companies this year alone.

Rafael Santos Badía, general director of INFOTEP, said that this adds 792 participants, adding to the 11,482 graduates since 2020 in Montecristi alone.

Among the workshops are: English, various field and administrative work for banana production, computers, and electrical installations.

Wyndham Garden El Morro Hotel inauguration
Previously, the President participated in the inauguration of the Wyndham Garden El Morro Hotel with 56 rooms suitable for vacation and corporate guests.

Its facilities include versatile meeting rooms, a gymnasium, a work area, a bar, a swimming pool, banking services, pharmacies, and a mini market.

Master Plan for the Tourist Development of Montecristi
Earlier in the day, the President attended the presentation of the Master Plan for the Tourist Development of Montecristi, which will allow to boost the economic, logistic, and industrial activities of the area, with private investment.

It also seeks to contribute to the extension of all port activities so that more ships can arrive, which due to the natural conditions and its strategic location can make the port of Manzanillo, the main port terminal in the northwest of the country.

He also presided over the delivery of 42 certificates to companies under the Border Development Law 12-21.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Sanctuary Residences
On his side, the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos broke ground for the construction of the Sanctuary Residences Montecristi, with 109 villas and an estimated private investment of USD$30,000,000.

On behalf of President Abinader, Santos Echeverría thanked the businessmen and investors for placing their trust in the economic development of Montecristi.

Both projects will benefit from the fiscal facilities granted by Law 158-01 (CONFOTUR), which will further boost their economic impact and sustainable development in the region.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Ministers of the Presidency, Joel Santos and of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor Bisonó; Governor Nelsy Cruz and Senators Ramón Pimentel of Montecristi and of Valverde, Martín Nolasco; Congressman Rosendy Polanco; the Director of Cabinet of the MINERD, Clara Joa; the Superintendent of Electricity, Andrés Astacio; the president and secretary of the Border Development Council, Ramón Pérez Tejada and Erodis Díaz; the president of the Board of Directors of Energía 2000, Jaime Andrés Santana Bonetti; the businessman Guillermo Estrella; Héctor Rodríguez Pimentel and the baseball player Nelson Cruz, among others.

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