Local August 7, 2023 | 11:22 am

Abinader reveals that Macron confirmed he will continue to support the Dominican Republic through AFD

During President Luis Abinader’s visit to Brussels, he had an important meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. They first met in England, where President Abinader and his wife greeted Macron and the French First Lady. During this encounter, they agreed to continue their discussions on various topics of mutual interest.

The opportunity for further dialogue arose during the European Union-CELAC Summit, where both leaders had another chance to meet and engage in brief conversations. During their interactions, they discussed the significant role played by the French Development Agency in supporting development projects in the Dominican Republic.

President Abinader expressed his gratitude to Macron for the support provided by the French Development Bank, emphasizing its vital contribution to the mass transportation programs in the Dominican Republic. This support has been instrumental not only during his administration but also in previous governments, underscoring the fruitful and ongoing relationship between the two countries in terms of development cooperation.

Macron reassured President Abinader of continued support and even pledged to intensify assistance in the future. This commitment further solidifies the strong ties between France and the Dominican Republic in pursuing shared development objectives and promoting socio-economic progress.

In a gesture of goodwill and to strengthen bilateral relations, President Abinader extended an invitation to Macron to visit the Dominican Republic. The French president is currently reviewing his itinerary, indicating a positive response to the invitation.

The meeting between the two leaders in Brussels showcased the importance of diplomatic engagement and collaboration between nations, fostering cooperation in various sectors and reinforcing the bonds of friendship between France and the Dominican Republic.

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