Local August 9, 2023 | 12:17 pm

PLD deputies claim agreement to plant corn in Guyana is a “Deadly Thrust” to the national agricultural sector

Santo Domingo.- The bench of deputies from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) criticized the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) government’s decision to sign an agreement to lease land in Guyana for corn production. They expressed their concerns during a press conference held at the National Congress headquarters.

Deputy Rafael Abel Lora, the president of the Permanent Commission on Agriculture, stated that growing corn outside the country would perpetuate import policies, undermining local producers and the creation of jobs and wealth within the Dominican Republic. He emphasized that the nation possesses fertile land, favorable weather conditions, and dedicated farmers capable of producing high-quality crops.

Lora asserted that the government’s decision reflects a lack of appreciation for domestic agricultural production and demonstrates their inability to effectively execute production programs. He referenced past failures such as the RD Planting Program, INESPRE Combo, and the Campo to Colmado initiative.

Furthermore, Lora highlighted that the government’s inability to manage resources efficiently was evident in the DR Planting Program, as they struggled to produce the planned amount of corn. He underlined the current administration’s track record of high food imports, surpassing 5.2 billion dollars in 2022 for products such as onions, milk, chicken, pork, beef, and beans.

The PLD deputies criticized the PRM government’s decision, labeling it as another instance of incompetence and improvisation that directly impacts the lives of citizens. They raised concerns about the potential negative consequences of leasing foreign land for corn production instead of promoting and supporting local agriculture.

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