Local August 11, 2023 | 9:41 am

Hospital inaugurated in Northern Santo Domingo after 10 years

Santo Domingo.- After enduring over a decade of legal battles, protests, and grievances, the public can now access healthcare services provided by Doctor Mario Tolentino Dipp General and Specialty Hospital. Situated within the Ciudad de la Salud complex in Santo Domingo North, this hospital’s establishment culminates in a long journey of development.

Initiated during President Leonel Fernández’s administration, the hospital shares its location with other medical institutions, including the Ney Arias Lora Hospital specializing in trauma, the Reynaldo Almánzar Maternity Hospital, and the Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital.

The construction of this hospital had been a focal point of demand since 2012, urged by local municipalities, the Dominican Medical College (CMD), and other sectors. Despite assurances from health authorities spanning the last three governments, the project remained in limbo.

Originally overseen by the company Carimex, a part of the IBT Group, and the now-dissolved Office of State Works Supervising Engineers (Oisoe), the construction later transitioned to the National Health Service (SNS). Ultimately, the Ministry of Housing and Buildings took on the project’s completion, investing more than RD$2.8 billion.

During Luis Abinader’s presidency, the government claims to have executed 78% of the remaining work within a three-year timeframe. This healthcare facility can accommodate up to 225 patients and features 203 hospitalization beds and 19 specialized medical offices. Additionally, it houses an intensive care unit, five operating rooms, a pharmacy, libraries, a medical residency program, a cafeteria, and classrooms.

Among the hospital’s offerings are fully digital imaging services, incorporating artificial intelligence into magnetic resonance imaging. A surgery block equipped with five advanced operating rooms, including two state-of-the-art surgical microscopes, is another notable feature. The hospitalization section comprises 170 rooms, with four isolated rooms, including a segment dedicated to mental health care.

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