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August 16th: Dominican Republic reborn as a free nation on Restoration Day

“Restoration Day” (in Spanish: Día de la Restauración), is a significant historical event in the Dominican Republic’s history. Restoration Day, a local holiday, is celebrated on August 16th each year to commemorate the restoration of the country’s sovereignty and independence from Spain.

Here’s a brief overview of the historical background:

In 1861, the Dominican Republic was annexed by Spain, leading to a period of foreign rule and control. However, the Dominican people resisted this annexation and fought for their independence. The struggle culminated on August 16, 1863, when a group of patriots led by Santiago Rodríguez and Gregorio Luperón initiated a revolt against Spanish rule in the town of Capotillo.

This uprising marked the beginning of a war for independence that lasted until 1865. During this period, Dominican forces fought against Spanish troops, and eventually, with the help of forces from Haiti, they managed to overthrow Spanish rule and restore the country’s independence on March 3, 1865.

Restoration Day, celebrated on August 16th, commemorates the bravery and determination of the Dominican people who fought for their sovereignty. It is a national holiday and a time for patriotic celebrations, parades, speeches, and various cultural events across the country.

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