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Luis Abinader: The Public Ministry will decide whether to prosecute the case of explosion in San Cristóbal

Santo Domingo.- In the upcoming days, the Dominican society is poised to receive an explanation regarding the catalyst behind the explosion in San Cristóbal, which has thus far resulted in a toll of 34 casualties and over 50 injuries.

The comprehensive report is now in the possession of the Public Ministry, the legal body responsible for determining whether to proceed with a judicial inquiry into the incident that transpired on August 14. The blast also wrought extensive destruction to numerous commercial structures.

The disclosure was made by President Luis Abinader during the inaugural edition of “La Semanal,” a platform designed for direct interactions with the press, where he fielded questions from journalists.

“The reports have been submitted, and we are awaiting further information from the Public Ministry in this regard,” affirmed the Head of State.

Abinader underlined that the task of compiling the report lay with the San Cristóbal Fire Department, and additional governmental entities were enlisted in the investigation. Notably, the J2 division of the Ministry of Defense, possessing expertise in matters pertaining to explosives, participated in the inquiry.

“Indeed, the report has already been provided to the Fire Department,” Abinader confirmed.

Addressing assistance for affected individuals, the President mentioned that Joel Santos, the Minister of the Presidency, is diligently establishing an inventory of needs. Concerning businesses with insurance coverage, Abinader noted a portion of support would be extended. Conversely, for those lacking insurance coverage, he highlighted a collaborative effort involving Promipyme, Bandex, and Banreservas to extend special assistance.

In the course of the conversation held in the Las Cariátides Room of the National Palace, Abinader contextualized the explosion within the framework of the Law on Territorial Planning, Land Use, and Human Settlements, ratified the preceding year. This legislation outlines guidelines for land distribution to mitigate such incidents.

Arguing that an earlier enactment of this law could have prevented the San Cristóbal tragedy, Abinader emphasized that the Ministry of Economy, in conjunction with municipalities, is diligently working towards establishing clear territorial definitions within a two-year timeframe. The law mandates precise distribution of territory and facilitates the transformation of agricultural lands into residential areas, as illustrated by the President.

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Paul Tierney
August 29, 2023 9:40 am

Just wondering if some government officials will be included in the pursuit of justice? These officials are the ones, due to their lack of diligence and negligence to pursue their tasks, did contribute to the cause of the tragedy.