Local September 6, 2023 | 2:45 pm

MIVED clarifies rumors about “institutional exchanges” between Peru and the Dominican Republic that link Minister Bonilla

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Housing and Buildings (MIVED) has issued a statement to clarify recent concerns regarding photographs featuring Minister Carlos Bonilla alongside individuals under investigation in Peru. The ministry underscores that this meeting took place in 2022 and was part of official exchanges between Peru and the Dominican Republic.

In their statement, MIVED highlights the following key points:

The meeting occurred on March 24, 2022, during an official visit by a delegation from the Ministry of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation of Peru to the Dominican Republic. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange insights and experiences related to the challenges of construction and housing access in both countries.

The Peruvian delegation presented information on the Techo Propio Social Housing Program, an initiative of the Peruvian government aimed at providing housing solutions for those in need. This meeting was public and officially communicated through an institutional press release issued by MIVED.

Such institutional exchanges between different countries with shared goals are standard practice and contribute to fostering friendly relations while facilitating the exchange of ideas for more efficient solutions to common issues.

MIVED acknowledged that a journalist had inquired about the official visit of the Peruvian delegation. The journalist received information about the meeting and the press release documenting it. However, for unknown reasons, this information was not included in the journalist’s report.

MIVED clarified that, like other public institutions worldwide, it engages in meetings with official delegations from ministries in the region that share similar responsibilities. These meetings aim to exchange experiences, ideas, and solutions for common regional challenges. All information related to such meetings is publicly accessible on the MIVED website and in news archives.

The ministry emphasized the importance of respecting the independence and rights of countries to manage their internal affairs. MIVED and its officials are not privy to investigations conducted by other countries involving their citizens or officials.

MIVED reaffirmed its commitment to working in the best interests of the Dominican people with transparency and dedication.

This statement from MIVED is intended to address recent concerns and provide clarity regarding the nature of the meeting between Minister Carlos Bonilla and the Peruvian delegation.

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