Health September 9, 2023 | 8:16 am

Hospitals register 362 hospital admissions due to dengue fever; epidemic

The country’s hospitals and public centers have 362 patients admitted with dengue fever, most under 15 years of age.

The most significant number of admissions is at the Hugo Mendoza pediatric hospital, with 93 children in bed, while the Robert Reid Cabral hospital had 51 as of yesterday afternoon. In the emergency rooms of public and private centers, cases of sick people are constantly arriving. Other hospitals with a high influx of patients are the General de la Plaza de la Salud, with 38 patients admitted, and the Ramon de Lara military hospital, with ten adults admitted.

According to health authorities, the country is going through an epidemic outbreak of dengue fever, which has registered more than six thousand cases. However, historically, the disease has been underreported by more than 50%.

Other hospitals with patients admitted for dengue are Rodolfo de la Cruz Lora, with 20 patients; Juan Bosch, with 15, Boca Chica, with 15 more, El Almirante, with 10 and 12 at Marcelino Velez Santana.

Interventions continue
The Ministry of Public Health reported that it continues to carry out an extensive operation against cases of dengue fever in Santo Domingo North. The highest incidence of the viral disease is felt in Santo Domingo, the National District, La Vega, San Cristóbal, and Barahona. For the past few weeks, fumigation and pest control operations have increased in the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte to mitigate the cases of dengue fever registered in this district and surrounding areas. Everyone’s participation is required.

The operation seeks to prevent the spread of dengue fever through the mosquito breeding sites that generate waste and debris accumulated in yards and plots of land. The process was carried out in the neighborhood of Las 5 Esquinas de Los Guaricanos, where it began with house by house, alleyways, and patios, followed by fumigation to combat the larvae and eggs produced by the mosquito (Aedes Aegypti), which transmits the disease.

This is the third intense operation carried out by the Ministry of Public Health through Area III of Health in this demarcation, where more than two thousand houses of Santo Domingo Norte have been intervened given the epidemic outbreak of dengue fever in the country, said the authorities.

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