Local September 11, 2023 | 3:18 pm

The lack of legitimacy of the Haitian authorities worsens the crisis with the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo. Jean Max Bellerive, the former Prime Minister of Haiti, has pointed to the lack of authority in the current Haitian government as the fundamental cause of conflicts between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He also cited issues related to insecurity and the construction of a canal diverting the waters of the Masacre River.

Bellerive emphasized that since the death of President Jovenel Moise, Haiti lacks a governing authority that can effectively represent and control the country’s territory and institutions. This absence of leadership has created difficulties in establishing productive communication and cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

He proposed the establishment of a work table to facilitate dialogue between the two nations and address their mutual concerns. Bellerive believes that unnecessary conflicts between the Dominican Republic and Haiti could be avoided through open communication.

He also stressed the importance of international cooperation in addressing the issue of Haitian gangs, which have caused violence and prompted some Haitian citizens to leave their homeland. Bellerive suggested that these gangs have been supported by businessmen and politicians, contributing to the challenges faced by both countries.

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Dave Lopes
September 11, 2023 8:06 pm

Bellerive needs to stay out of this, since his wife is Dominican. He has no credibility.

September 12, 2023 6:47 am

Nothing new here. Everyone knows that the gangs need and obtain financial assistance . Everyone knows that there is no effective government . No one is willing to step in and take control .