Local September 14, 2023 | 8:30 am

North American citizen killed in his residence in Hato Mayor

photo from diario libre

Hato Mayor.- On Wednesday, tragedy struck in the community of Guamira Km/10, Sabana de la Mar highway in Hato Mayor as a US citizen was discovered lifeless in his home, bearing signs of a violent incident.

The deceased individual has been identified as Myrvin L. Garnett, aged 72, whose demise resulted from multiple stab wounds inflicted across various regions of his body.

Reportedly, a close relative stumbled upon Garnett’s lifeless body within the confines of his residence and promptly alerted the local authorities.

In response to this distressing discovery, law enforcement swiftly intervened, and the deceased’s remains were subsequently transported to the Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) for a thorough autopsy examination.

As the investigation unfolds, police authorities are diligently scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding this tragic event, earnestly pursuing leads to determine the identity and whereabouts of those responsible.

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