Health September 16, 2023 | 7:04 am

Admissions of children with dengue in network hospitals rise

The dengue epidemic in the country keeps the emergency rooms of public hospitals full of children with the disease. In the consultations, children with fever go to the doctor for other viruses, but those who go to the emergency room are mostly suspected of having the virus. Again, the Hugo Mendoza pediatric hospital had an admission of 92 children under 15 years of age, and the Robert Reid Cabral hospital had 65 admitted. This is happening while the flow through the emergencies is being maintained.

Dr. Yocasta Lara, director of the National Health Service hospital network, offered the information. She assures that most of the provinces are without admissions. As the authorities call it, the epidemic is concentrated in Greater Santo Domingo, the National District, La Vega, Santiago, and Barahona.

The Marcelino Velez hospital yesterday had 17 patients admitted for dengue fever, the Jacinto Mañon, 07,5, and the Arturo Grullon hospital in Santiago had 18 patients admitted.

More than 7,000 cases of the disease have been registered in the country, but a high underreporting suggests a higher number of people affected. Authorities are investigating ten deaths due to dengue, and six have been confirmed. The population is urged to avoid mosquito breeding sites.

The disease
Dengue is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The mosquito lays its eggs, which develop into larvae and reproduce. Entomologists study its behavior.

This is an epidemic year, so authorities have called the population to avoid mosquito breeding sites. They are asking people to clean gardens and areas with trees.

This week, Dr. Eladio Perez, Vice Minister of Collective Health, said that the indicators in the country remain well below those of other countries in the Americas region, thanks to the interventions being carried out.

He also presented the behavior of dengue to the 35th Epidemiological Week, where he detailed that currently, 3,123 cases were reported as suspected, and in the last week, they reported 1,093 six deaths.

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