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Authorities do not know when dengue fever will decrease

Dr. Eladio Pérez

Santo Domingo.- The Vice Minister of Collective Health, Eladio Perez, has no fixed date for the dengue epidemic to decline. He thinks that the country is now facing a plateau. If there is no drop in cases, the disease affecting the Dominican Republic could continue its impact until the end of the year, according to infectologists.

The official has the perception that in the coming weeks if the current behavior continues, the disease could go down. He believes that there is a slight drop in patient admissions.

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There will always be cases because the disease is endemic. The cessation of the high incidence will depend on the pattern; if it continues now, there will be fewer cases in the coming weeks, said the official who manages the country’s collective health.

“We need a little more time, if the disease continues to go down the country would be in improvement,” said the epidemiologist. In his opinion, the final phase of the disease cannot be determined by the behavior of a week.

Clinics to attend
The director of the National Health Service (SNS) hospital network, Yocasta Lara, asked the directors of the National Association of Private Clinics (Andeclip) to provide more beds.

In the public sector, the clinics refer patients to them, most of whom are under 19 years of age.

Almost all the cases are being attended by two large public hospitals and one of a patronage hospital.

The Hugo Mendoza pediatric hospital leads in admissions, followed by the Robert Reid Cabral and the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud in third place.

The Santiago Clinic, Unión Médica, and the Arturo Grullón hold the fourth place in the same city. The Jaime Mota de Barahona also has cases of children and adults.

The end of this epidemic outbreak, as the authorities have called it, will depend on the behavior of the vector through which the disease is transmitted, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The hospitals
Dr. Yocasta Lara, director of the SNS hospital network, reported yesterday on the number of patients admitted with dengue fever.

She also reported that the Robert Reid Cabral hospital had 64 children admitted. Three children remain in intensive care at this center.

The Marcelino Vélez Santana hospital has 21 admissions, the Juan Pablo Pina, 10, the Arturo Grullón, 13, and 12 at the San Lorenzo de Los Mina. Lara indicated that the Jaime Mota hospital in Barahona has 26 patients admitted: Jacinto Mañón, seven; El Almirante, six; Boca Chica, 19; and Félix María Goico, three admissions.

Plaza de la Salud
At the Plaza de la Salud General Hospital (HGPS), where many patients, mostly children, have been treated, 17 patients were admitted yesterday and are still waiting.

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