Local October 9, 2023 | 10:55 am

Vice President concludes agenda in Spain and returns to Santo Domingo

Madrid.- The Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Raquel Peña, recently attended the “Reflections of the Caribbean” exhibition, organized by the Dominican Embassy in Spain. The exhibition showcased artworks created by eight Dominican artists residing in Madrid: Aronis Ramos, Jeannette Alfau, Manolo Romero, Erickdony Turbí, Dahiana Blanco, Luis Núñez, Waner Noboa, Taína Almodóvar, and Carlos Segura.

Vice President Peña was warmly welcomed by the Dominican Ambassador to Spain, Juan Bolívar Díaz. During her visit, she engaged in meaningful conversations with each of the artists, expressing her admiration for the excellence of their work. She also reaffirmed the commitment and support of President Luis Abinader and his government for Dominican culture and art in Spain. Peña mentioned that a follow-up agenda would be established from the Dominican Republic to bring the artists’ vision to fruition.

Ambassador Díaz emphasized the Embassy’s dedication to collaborating with the Dominican community in Spain and commended the artists for their dedication and excellence in promoting Dominican art beyond national borders.

This event was part of Hispanic Heritage Week 2023, with the Dominican Republic being honored as the guest country this year. The Vice President acknowledged that such gatherings serve to strengthen the bonds of love, friendship, and brotherhood that have existed for many years and continue to thrive through cultural avenues such as gastronomy.

As part of Hispanic Heritage Week, various cooking shows organized by the Community of Madrid featured Latin American cuisine recipes. These events aimed to reflect the evolving culinary landscape in the city, incorporating products and flavors that resonate with residents from different backgrounds.

Renowned chef Pepa Muñoz served as the godmother of the cooking show program. The first demonstration featured the preparation of “mangú,” a typical dish from the Dominican Republic, by Dominican chef Omar Martín, in the presence of Vice President Raquel Peña and other institutional representatives.

Vice President Peña also participated in the Hispanidad 2023 Parade in Madrid, where she engaged with representatives of Dominican culture, art, and customs, along with other residents of the city.

The Community of Madrid highlighted the importance of mestizaje (cultural blending) as an integrative element in various forms of art, including theater, dance, music, literature, and gastronomy, during the Hispanidad 2023 Parade. More than 600 artists from nine countries, in collaboration with Teatros del Canal, took part in this celebration.

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